Ponta do Ouro

. . . but well worth it! . . . the wind was hectic today. . . Almond tree Dining at O Lar do Ouro Glorious warm seas Informal traders eeking out an income for themselves Luxury with an un-parralleled sea view Mediteranean style beach path complete with Coconut Palms No local stuff here - all from Nepal Bali etc Offroad vehicle needed Old mission church plonked somewhere arbitrary in the sand Pizza Prawns Salads Coco-Rico. . . Restaurant al la Mozambique Shells on the wave edges Sound Journey time That sea really is stupendous The laughing buddha of Ponta The main town square of Ponta with its 'BCI Bank' The occasional clouds never lasted very long The Serious Yogi of Ponta The start of the 'Natural Jacuzi pools' The street outside the B&B Trecherous rocks Tropical vegetation Truly stunning beaches you can walk up forever What a sweet and beautiful charcoal cat with tiny flecks of white Where the crowds collect Which road should we choose You have to hold the door closed but it does the job

I have a new screen saver – the fabulous beach at Ponta do Ouro. The trip was a wonderful break to this amazing African village with a delightful combination of morning and evening Yoga, sea, Dolphins, yummy food, walks and companionship.

The road trip up to the border went smoothly bar some heavy mist at the outset. Once we crossed over to Mozambique the roads basically disappeared giving way to beach sand. We were thankful we had arranged to be picked up since it would have been easy to get lost as the ‘road’ branches and splits off numerous times – apparently this is from bright spark drivers thinking they know a short cut. Inevitably this does not work out and simply causes a great muddle of new paths and tracks.

Ponto itself is a typical Mozambique coastal town with amazing beaches, dozens of old derelict buildings alongside brightly painted new ones, street vendors eking out a living and a few opportunists, seemingly mainly South Africans who probably almost solely maintain any economy existing. It is quite bizarre to me to see this seriously poor district with no proper road system at all and then a large brand new BMW X5 or Audi Q7 comes wizzing around the corner. The town was abuzz with tourists (mainly South African again) who appear to quite overrun the place at peak season with their 4 by 4s, boats, jet-skis, braais, tents, caravans, beer and loud voices.

The sea was fantastic – warm and utterly exquisite. An ominous warning of cloudy weather and rain from our host as we arrived never came true and the days were hot and sunny – perfect for a seaside holiday. If you enjoy miles upon miles of wide pleasant beaches to walk up and explore this is really the place to be. I am not much of a sea swimmer but love paddling about in the shallows, and with such hot sunshine (31° odd daily) this was just heavenly.

The boat trip out to find Dolphins was fun and one can get quite a new perspective of the town and shoreline as well. The Dolphins themselves are amazing. We got them mostly in there ‘morning fishing’ phase which in itself was something to see. They literally ‘crowded’ around the main facilitator, who they obviously know well. All in all we were surrounded by these beautiful creatures and I had an excellent view from the boat of them chasing fleeing fish, turning and twisting, diving and occasionally tossing a caught fish in the air before gulping it down. Some of the guys were privileged to see large parrot fish and shoals of other exotic tropical specimens.

The sea was beautifully calm with an occasional refreshing gentle wind and was quite stunning throughout the five days we were there.

Our Bed and Breakfast was comfortable and had everything we needed including wholesome food and a neat little swimming pool that I delighted in jumping into at 11 PM or so to cool off before sleeping. Quite bizarrely to us, the local radio station playing in the lounge and dining area was piping all the hits from the 70’s and 80’s – serious retro, permanently for the whole duration of our stay. 🙂

We also explored some of the local restaurants for evening meals which also proved worthwhile bar one where we waited interminably for the food to arrive 🙂

On the journey back we had an amusing moment. The road was jammed up in the middle of know-where by a huge abnoemal load vehicle – serious frustration at 10 kms/h was looming. Gung Ho yours truly, failing to notice the traffic police car nestled in the thick, decided to take the gap and power past the cavalcade on a yellow no pass line, but didn’t quite make it and got stuck again, but at least nearer the front. Said traffic police, extremely annoyed, immediately pulled up beside me and shouted through the window: “DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN” 🙂


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