Yoga in Shanghai

Did I do Yoga in China?  🙂

Asia has a seriously burgeoning Yoga scene and so most areas and suburbs have their local studios.

Local Yoga StudioI spotted this one close to our hotel and so was soon enrolled for a class.

Predictably, the instructor was a pretty, young and lithe Chinese lass, who to my surprise gave the class in somewhat halting but certainly passable English. I was the only non-Chinese person, so perhaps she did it for my benefit!

I had expected one or other of the usual flow type styles and was not surprised. For some peculiar reason unknown to me, they seem to love doing dozens and dozens of Crocodile poses and half Crocodile poses and then still other variations J Perhaps there is sense that we need really good upper back arm development for the future up-coming Asanas. Anyhow, she did put some variety in as well. No long holds, but plenty of repetition and lots of moving about up and down.

I was enjoying myself and I’m not quite sure of this but she did seem a bit focused on me, perhaps because of the western novelty factor, but as the 90 minute session progressed she became more and more excited and animated and the pace was rising to a fever pitch, after 70 odd minutes I began to wonder where on earth we were off to 🙂

This was great fun and I enjoyed it immensely.

The delightful lady went considerably over time and by the end we were up in all sorts of back bending’s with variations. The class came to sudden halt eventually – no gentle cool down, counter poses and Savasana 🙂 I was a bit sore the next day, but well, that’s pretty usual.

Down dog for two while we are waitingThen of course my friend Wouter and my-self are not much the self-conscious types, so here we are waiting around an exhibition stand for some or other happening!!!


About Paul Carlos

Hi i'm Paul. I compose and play world/sacred music and have created Sacred Spiral Yoga school. Sacred Spiral programs beautifully compliment any existing school or spiritual practice such as meditation, physical yoga etc. We have a selection of easy to use, practical audio products that address all aspects of personal growth & spirituality in the 21st century.
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